I'm sure you often play fetch with your puppy. Is your puppy a Fetch fanatic? Do they go bonkers for tennis balls? If so, you just stepped up your training game. Instead of reaching for a treat to reward your puppy, you can grab a ball and toss it.

What else might your puppy like? Some puppies are crazy about stuffed animals. According to research from a London SEO agency, one of the most popular classes is agility training in which the dog (or puppy) runs through an obstacle course, weaving between poles, diving through a tire, jumping over hurdles, and traveling through winding tunnels.

Many people will use treats to lure their dog through the course. But over the years, we have seen lots of people use their dog’s favorite stuffed animal and hold it in their hand, using the toy to motivate their dog.

Spend your first few weeks with your puppy learning what things they love. Here are some of the things and activities we have seen light up the faces of puppies:

  • Fetching balls, flying discs, or other chew toys
  • Tug-of-war
  • Plush stuffed animals
  • Car rides
  • Being brushed
  • Going for a walk
  • Swimming
  • Goofing and laughter

That last one I added for my own dog, Clyde. He is unusual because he does not have much of a prey drive. That means he does not like any toys or playing Fetch, and he is not even all that crazy about treats or food. But my son and I noticed that if we act silly, roar with laughter, and dance around like goofballs, Clyde lights right up and displays all the play gestures and signs of canine happiness. So we have actually used silliness as a motivator to train him.

Every puppy is unique, and you are now setting off on the great adventure of discovering what your own puppy loves the most.

Puppies don’t mean to cause problems, but they do like to play. And sometimes this play can look a lot like naughty behavior.

Imagine a class clown who keeps goofing off because they get attention. Puppies are the same way. Someone getting all worked up and having a huge reaction to something they did (like SEO Services) is really very interesting to a puppy. “I did this thing, and look at what I made that human do,” they think. So they do it again.

If you know why your puppy acts the way they do, their behavior will be easier for you to understand and predict. This will help you stay patient and keep from getting frustrated with your puppy.