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A hologram sticker to prevent from counterfeiting money, Augmented Reality navigation projected in front mirror of a car to guide directions, and Virtual Reality game that allows a user to play in a virtual world with a feeling of live are just a few examples to mention. Based on the outstanding architecture of the Kunsthalle, the concept was to manipulate and reinterpret its geometry and aesthetics in an imaginative way through the use of graphics and movement. This unique city design served as part of the inspiration behind the audiovisual work. By using the latest in interactive and immersive technology you have the chance to leave a long-lasting impression with your event attendees. Rainbow holograms are commonly used for security and authentication, for example, on credit cards and product packaging.

This will give the appearance of a darker, distorted view if youre not in the ideal spot for viewing. Buildings, public squares, transport hubs, and parks provide the right digital infrastructure to thrive. This form of ambient advertising is not only creative and eye-catching, but also encourages the audience to take part in the campaign as they can take photos of themselves interacting with the benches and share them on social media. Create memorable and inspiring events using the latest guerrilla projections technology.

Fun for all ages with art making, local performers, musicians, and visual artists. Reduction of the speckle noise in the laser energy profile is obtained using multiple incoherent superposition of synthesized holographic images. Digital projectors are also bright and most can work in reasonably well lit rooms. are specialists inlighting for television events of all kinds. Using projection mapping make a fabulous video projection.

The technique involves a flyer in public spaces, but it is often used for the purpose. This does bring up the debate weather you actually need such hi-resolutions for outdoor cinemas where your audience are sat further away from the screen than you ordinarily would within your own home? and if they benefit from it? Resolution is certainly important however a hi-resolution screen is never going to compensate for a low-brightness or poor quality cinema screen. A combination of various different technologies and styles, including robotics, mapping and computer generated imagery, Bot & Dolly has created a mechanical, artistic, and design-oriented wonder that truly shows the power of this new art form. It also allows you to vary the time an individual display is displayed, giving the person viewing more time to read posters with lots of information and may be less time where theres extremely small info. I often wondered if projection advertising was a type of augmented reality.

Adaptive liquid lenses have been studied recent years due to the unique advantages of large focal length tuning, fast response, and light weight ]. The results are stunning and the blending and transporting of objects and shapes is absolutely stunning to behold. From large-scale light projections and interactive installations, to music, dance and street performances, there is always something for everyone!We aren'table to present the festival in its usual format this year. There are neon dawns, fluorescent mists and crackling strobes.

For outdoor applications the screen surface must be covered and protected with either a glass or polycarbonate fascia. The light source should have a static wavelength and the projection should be done in the darkness. The combination of moving mirrors, a changing color palette, and the profound sound of SKALAR triggers sensory and psychological reactions, offering a truly innovative way to experience and feel art. It will hold up well against rocks, sand, and much more without ripping or tearing.

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