Digital marketing is essential for almost any startup looking to get itself customers and for large companies that want to keep their old ones intact while also trying to get new ones every single day.

You could already have your own in-house marketing team but they dont have the resources to get the job done on their own.

If youre considering choosing a Hull marketing agency, you might find the following list of questions helpful for you to ask your potential agencies when going through the selection process.

The first piece of advice is...

Be clear on what you want to achieve.

If you are clear and transparent on your specific goals and needs, the agency will be better able to let you know if they are able to accomplish them.

Even if you do not have concrete end-results in mind, be clear with the agency about that as they can help you set realistic goals and expectations on what they are able to accomplish.

Their proposal should clearly lay out the specific tactics and techniques they plan to use, as well as the associated fees and investments.

What type of agency are you looking for?

You might need help with SEO, blogging, social media, advertising, and much more.

If you are looking for a marketing firm to work on search engine optimization, then I would suggest that you start by doing a Google search.

For a social media agency, look on their social networks.

Social media agencies are a good fit for companies that sell specific product lines, such as necklaces.

Companies in some sectors might be wise to prioritise social media marketing, for example, while others are better to focus on paid advertising campaigns.

Experience is key

Research and look into the experience of the agencies that you are considering.

Although an experienced agency will be able to adapt to working with any type of business, its still an advantage if you find one that specialises or has experience in working with other businesses within your sector.

But how can you prove that a so-called Hull digital marketing agency truly does have the experience and know-with-all to bring your company the results you expect?

Should I choose a small or large Hull marketing agency?

It really depends on your business.

Sometimes when a brand is large and already has a certain presence in the eyes of the audience, it becomes easier to market for them without putting in much efforts.

One major element that many bigger agencies struggle to offer is a personalised approach.

Smaller agencies gain much more from your success because your individual account matters more; your retainer will represent a bigger overall percentage of revenue than if you put that same retainer in a large company, which means your business is proportionally more important to them.

The bottom line is that a smaller agency will always put you first.


If you care about your advertising budget and money, you should also care about how you invest it while considering the ROI of your advertising cost.

You can enhance your ROI by using data to optimize your efforts.

Because digital marketing is a relatively new industry in Hull, existing agencies haven't had much time to develop strong reputations among clients, and many of these agencies are winging it with little experience.

It can be pretty overwhelming when choosing a marketing agency but I hope these points give you a bit of guidance in what you need to look out for.