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Sometimes we’re living our life and think “this is it.” We’ll get the kids ready for school in the morning while we get ready for work, and the same day-in, day-out activities can zap us of courage, strength, and even the ability to fight back with faith. If we can get a bigger picture of what’s possible even in our mundane, everyday things, we’ll see that we were never meant to just survive or “just get by.” The battle of trying to not fit in—and to be who we were created to be—will require a bigger vision, a heart open to possibility and a down-and-dirty drive to never quit.

As a young mother I learned that I had two choices: see the problem or see the possibility beyond it. Maybe you’ve been raised by a parent who sees all of the problems and the negative side of things. It can damage you deeply. My own childhood was not filled with hope and excitement, but rather, pain and the pressure to perform and always be perfect. I didn’t want that for my children. I knew I could become what I knew growing up, or reinvent a future for my children that would follow them into adulthood.

Possibility was the antidepressant that I needed in my life. Seeing the possibility in things that were challenging, falling apart, or beyond my control prepared me for business. It was just what my children needed, as well. Life as a young mom can get very challenging. I remember difficult days that I swore would not end and seasons when it felt like nothing would change and I’d be in a struggle with diapers, the flu, and discouragement FOREVER. But possibility taught me to see more, and to see beyond where we were. It kept me from sinking. Even now, as I run my company, interact with millions of people on social media, battle some health challenges that require ongoing treatment, and experience the ups and downs of life as a business owner, possibility is still a powerful thread in my life and my business.

You see to me, possibility is rooted in faith. Having faith to be your anomaly, out-of-the-box, different self will move you forward. There’s no one who will ever be able to move you forward like the deep call within that knows it was never created to conform. Think about it. When faced with a challenge, no matter how big or small, we can feel defeated or we can find encouragement in seeing ourselves overcoming the challenge. This would happen when I was raising my three boys. I remember how many times they would lose things, for example. It’s normal. They play and explore and build and create, and in their day-to-day lives, toys, shoes, homework—you name it—get misplaced.

Whenever my boys would come to me and ask me to help them find something they’d lost, they always asked me to pray. It was normal for me to pray about everything in our home. So they’d ask me to find their lost pencil, toy camper van, book, building block, truck, etcetera. Knowing I didn’t want them to just hang on to Momma’s faith, but that I wanted them to experience Papa God on their own as well, I would teach them how to “find lost things” by asking Him to intervene. It was a big faith builder for my little guys! “Ask Holy Spirit where it is, then go there.” They would get so excited because every time, 100 percent of the time, Holy Spirit would place a picture in their small, powerful brains. They’d run to where the picture was and encounter the God that is there. To this day, my grown sons will text or call me because they can’t find something that is really important for work, their involvement at church, or just as they’re heading out the door for a day of fun. They will ask me to pray for them—because they’re still asking me to pray about things that matter to them—and I’m still the first one to say, “Have you asked Holy Spirit where it is?” Even now, they’re encountering God when they’ve lost drumsticks, headphones, or my grandson’s favorite toy. Just this small lesson on faith has shaped my children. But you know it could have gone a completely different way.

Imagine if every time my explorers lost something, the first thing they heard from me were words of discouragement or judgment. “Seriously? You lost them AGAIN?! You’re so absentminded and can’t keep track of anything!” Have you had such words of death spoken over you? Cancel it now. For me, I use a simple prayer like this: I break that judgment off of me in Jesus’s name! Blame can be affecting everything you do today if you have woven deep inside your DNA the idea that you are absentminded and can’t keep track of a thing. I’m so grateful this is not the path I took in my mothering, and Papa used my time as a young mommy to teach me even more than I was teaching my kiddos.

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